Our Asphalt Products

All our products are manufactured to the highest of standards to meet BSI Accreditations, and supported by technical staff who can advise on your specific applications and requirements.
Our range of product offer cost effective and high performance asphalt solutions for highway and local authority needs, as well as housing developers and private customers requiring asphalt for a new driveway.

Open Graded Limestone Asphalt
Open Graded Limestone AsphaltOpen Graded Limestone Asphalt
Our Open Graded Limestone Asphalt is available as 10mm surface & 20mm Binder course…
Stone Mastic Asphalt
Stone Mastic AsphaltStone Mastic Asphalt
Our SMA is available in 14mm ,10mm & 6mm aggregate sizes and produced using a fibre additive…
Limestone Binder Course
Limestone Binder CourseAC 20mm Dense Graded Limestone Binder Course
This Dense Graded Limestone Binder Course can be used as a base & mid layer binder course …
Limestone Surface Course
Limestone Surface CourseAC 14mm Close Graded Limestone Surface Course
Limestone Surface Course can be used as a surface course and mid layer binder course in footpath, driveway and road …
Hardstone Surface Courses
Hardstone Surface CoursesAC 10mm Close Graded Hardstone Surface Course
Hardstone Surface Courses are ideal for everything from road, private driveways and footpaths…