Bitukold is a cold hand applied, thixotropic bitumen emulsion designed for sealing vertical joints.

On small patches, Bitukold can also be used as a tack coat, thereby saving on the need to use a separate tack coating emulsion.

Bitukold is mainly used for the protection of new joints in freshly laid asphalt or macadam.

Where to use?

  • Transverse or longitudinal vertical joints
  • Patch repairs
  • Trench reinstatements
  • Drain or manhole frames
  • Kerb channels


Bitukold should not be applied in ambient temperatures of less than 5°C. Ensure surface is clean and free from loose material, oil, grease, standing water and weeds.


A soft fibre or turks head brush should be used to apply the Bitukold. The brush must be damp using clean water and any excess shaken off before commencing application. Then using a full brush of material, apply evenly in one direction, covering the whole face of the joint. In very hot weather application will be easier if the joint surface is slightly dampened.

In normal conditions surfacing can commence within 15 minutes. The application of hot material rapidly completes the drying.

Drying will be delayed in cold, damp and humid weather. Wash the brushes immediately after use with soapy water followed by Leoclean.

On vertical joints 1.5kg/sqm gives a dried film thickness of 1mm.

For joints 50mm deep, a 15kg bucket covers approximately 200 linear metres of joint. Saw cutting the edge of the joint will maximise the rate of spread.

As a tack coat in small patches and pot holes a spread rate of 0.25-0.45kg/sqm should be achieved.


Protect from frost or extremes of heat. Bitukold has a storage life of up to six months in sealed buckets under good storage conditions.


Bitukold complies with BS 594987 clause 6.8 Joints, vertical face coating.


Bitukold is available in re-sealable 15kg buckets (36 x 15kg per pallet).