Gripstrip is an antiskid, self adhesive, overbanding joint and crack sealing tape.

Gripstrip consists of a bituminous compound modified with elastomers and fast bonding resins which is extruded and prefabricated.

Gripstrip is extremely safe to use as the product requires no heating or mixing.

Where to use?

  • Horizontal cracks in asphaltic roads
  • Transverse and longitudal joints
  • Trench reinstatements
  • Patch repairs
  • Drain or manhole frames


Ensure that the joint or crack is dry, clean and free from dust, fuel and oil spillage. For best results use when ambient temperature is 15°C or above. Gripstrip should not be applied to cracks wider than 10mm unless the crack has been pre-filled with approved material such as Colas A2, N1, N2, or Leoseal R.


Gripstrip is applied to the road surface manually or with a specially adapted trolley. It is self adhesive and the underside is protected by peel off backing paper. Heavy foot pressure should be applied to assist adhesion. Applied Gripstrip will become embedded through trafficking.


Keep in dry store under cover.


Gripstrip complies with the skid resistance value required by the new Roads and Streetworks Act.


Gripstrip is supplied in a box as a box of 2 x 25m rolls.